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I daresay, the past few days have been glorious.
First write-up at work.
New people.
New things to try.
Alex comes home today.
I'm going to die of excitement.

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In repsonse to Alex's awesome haikus, I wrote two.

I love my Tina,
and her queermobile
She's my favorite lesbian.

I am Gemma Ward
My forehead is huge
...that's all the farther I got.

Of course... Yes. Both are true. I havent seen the queermobile, though. I want to. I'll ask to see it sometime.

Bah. I have to go crochet. and PAINT, because I'm an artist dfjhjsydhutadskjthakjhfdhsgfjdygjhadf


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I don't post here. This is for communities. However...
I am fucking crazy. No joke. Oh my fucking god. I used to be an alright person in the head, but after I came back from my visit to my father's house, I'm a fucking weirdo.
And I look like a fucking poodle. Instead of fixing it, I help the poodleness along.
Oh, and, my nails are all the same length.
oh, and, again, I listen to pussyacidtechno baaah.

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I'm starting to like my fucked-up blonde/red/orange/white hair. Maybe just starting. Maybe just a little.
I got my car. I have no gas.
No money for gas.
Need job, fast.

Chillax, Motherfucker.

Kevin is here.
We're talking about photoshop, and chillin.
It's so funny.
It's so awkward. Because we're talking about other people. And sex.
and so.


Wouldn't It Be Offensive If We Cheered...

My sea monkey died yesterday. Gash, he was a scary motherfucker. Now I want a fish that won't eat me.

The day school lets out, next Thursday, I will be one blonde motherfucker.

And I get my car, Chi Chi, back this weekend.

Things are lookin up.

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